Introducing Permissioned CosmWasm on Duality

CosmWasm on Duality will allow Smart Contract Developers to build new applications or integrate with existing ones on Duality

Smart contracts provide a way for applications to be built and integrate with one another on a shared virtual machine. Smart contracts are a great way for developers to integrate with existing chains and ecosystems, as they don’t require bootstrapping a new validator set. It also allows developers to redeploy applications on many chains or create network effects between existing ones with “outpost” logic.

CosmWasm has been the smart contracting language of choice for chains built with the Cosmos SDK. This is due to its composability with other Cosmos SDK modules and the ability to program in Rust. As a result, innovative projects have been using CosmWasm to improve governance, DeFi and more.

To support new applications and integrations on Duality, there will be a permissioned CosmWasm module on Duality on launch. This will unlock the ability of developers to create dapps and integrations that grow the ATOM Zone while being able to synchronously compose with the Duality DEX.

Some ideas to build on top of Duality :

  • Vaults and market making strategies for liquidity position management
  • A stable coin that uses stATOM-ATOM and / or USDC-Stable LP positions as collateral
  • A lending market with automatic, end-block liquidations to avoid bad debt and internalize MEV

If you’re interested in working on any of these ideas or some of your own, dm Duality Labs on twitter !

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