Duality and Axelar Partner for Improved Cross-Chain Communication

Duality Labs is excited to partner with Axelar to enable the next generation of cross-chain interoperability and composability. Through Duality’s novel mechanism design, and Axelar’s general message passing technology, a new wave of cross-chain DeFi can be unlocked.

Building Toward the Future

When DeFi goes mainstream, the average user won’t change their RPC node to match the blockchain of the application they’re using. Instead, users will hold, trade, stake, and lend their assets in on integrated frontends that aggregate assets and dapps across chains. Surfing the interchain will be as easy as searching the web.

This future requires seamless interoperability between chains. When users choose the best dapps rather than which dapps are conveniently co-located together, they’ll expect their ETH to be utilized on Umee lending pools in one-click, and their ATOM to be auto-converted into ETH to pay for an NFT on Arbitrum.

Currently, such composability is only available across dapps on a single chain. But how do we seamlessly connect chains within the interchain and beyond?

Duality integrates Axelar’s Generalized Message Passing

Axelar’s generalized message passing to allows applications to build arbitrary transaction bundles from Duality to Ethereum (and vice versa).

A few examples to show how powerful this can be:

  • Use USDC on Duality Chain to take out a loan denominated in AVAX on Benqi, abstracting the process of bridging
  • Use your ATOM on the Cosmos Hub to buy an Arbitrum NFT, abstracting the process of converting to ETH for payment and gas
  • Deposit USDC on Ethereum Mainnet to dYdX’s upcoming Cosmos chain to short on ETH-Perp, while buying wETH on Duality to collect a delta-neutral funding rate, abstracting interacting with both dYdX’s perps exchange and Duality’s spot exchange

About Axelar

Axelar is pioneering secure cross-chain communication for various applications. Their mission is to allow dApp users to interact with any asset, any application, on any chain, with one click. You can think of it as Stripe for Web3. Developers interact with a simple API atop a permissionless network that routes messages and ensures network security via proof-of-stake consensus.

More about Axelar: docs.axelar.dev | axelar.network | GitHub | Discord | Twitter.

About Duality

Duality Labs is building the fair, efficient markets of the future. With a novel mechanism design and incentive system, Duality is challenging the status quo of complicated, unsustainable DEXes, while fusing the best of AMMs and orderbooks.

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