Duality is Coming to the Cosmos Hub

Duality is thrilled to bring a DEX to the ATOM Economic Zone. Duality will be deployed as the first DEX on inter-chain security, providing liquidity to the Hub and and value to ATOM holders, pending approval by a governance vote to approve Duality on ICS.

The Cosmos Hub x Duality (ft. Interchain Security)

The Cosmos Hub is on an ambitious vision of growing the interchain by bringing utility to the ATOM economic zone. Duality, over the past few months, has been working closely with Cosmos Hub core contributors to launch as an interchain-secured chain in a uniquely win-win partnership.

Cosmos Hub users and ATOM holders will gain secure access to an innovative DEX with a novel mechanism design, which will enable them trade their assets with infinite capital efficiency and run strategies with ease

Duality will inherit the Hub’s multi-billion dollar economic security from day zero by partnering with the Cosmos Hub’s validator set.

Most importantly, liquidity will come back to the ATOM economic zone. ATOM holders will finally be able to benefit from the ecosystem which they incubated.

About the Cosmos Hub

The Cosmos Hub provides builders with vital services including security, interoperability and liquidity. The first proof-of-stake blockchain to launch in Cosmos in 2019, it developed and brought to market critical public blockchain infrastructure including Tendermint (a world-class byzantine fault tolerant consensus engine), the Cosmos SDK (a modular toolkit for building application specific blockchains), and the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol (a permissionless messaging protocol for sovereign blockchains).

About Duality

Duality Labs is a DEX that gives liquidity providers superpowers. With a novel mechanism design and incentive system, Duality is challenging the status quo of complicated, unsustainable DEXes. Fusing the best of AMMs and orderbooks, Duality will unleash the full power of liquidity provisioning by bringing a simple, sustainable DEX to Cosmos.

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